I once watched a romantic movie and thought, “I hope that I feel the way that girl feels about that boy one day.”

But the truth was, I had been dating a man who fell short of those movie star romances. And I was scared that I would always feel that way about any man I dated. I was scared that love wasn’t all it was cracked up to be on the silver screen.

But deep inside I hoped.

I hoped that one day I would find a man that would measure up. And when I watched a movie with him, I wouldn’t pine for the hunk on the screen.

And guess what! I did!

But that’s not the whole truth.

Before I married my husband in 2003 AND had seven kids with him, he wore a pee colored t-shirt on the regular…and coke bottle glasses (Don’t worry…I fixed that one, easy peasy). We got into a major fight and didn’t talk for months because I didn’t like him that way. When we finally dated, I almost called of the wedding because I wasn’t sure if he was “the one.” We were pregnant before we got married. After the baby came, he told me that “I looked like I stuffed myself into that dress”…and almost didn’t live to laugh about it.

NEWSFLASH: The truth is marriage isn’t perfect because people aren’t perfect.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be YOUR fairytale marriage.

Fairytales are full of monsters, evil witches and impossible odds. If your marriage has those things, you are in the right place!

The goal of Fairytale Marriage isn’t to sugar coat your marriage with 5 Simple Tips to Make Sure You Never Get in a Fight Again (though that would be amazing!), but rather to make sure you find your sweetheart amongst the rubble after your realize he’s only a poor boy from Agraba who was lying to you pretending to be a rich royal dude (or after Ursula comes in and tries to steal your prince!)

We all married people with issues.

And so did our spouse.

So let’s make it beautiful, baby!