• Sometimes we need a little reminder to do nice things for our husbands. Sometimes those nice things can do something on the inside of us. Read the real reason why you should write a thank you letter to your spouse.
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    Why You Should Write a Thank You Letter to Your Spouse

    As the end of my sixth pregnancy grew near, I felt a sense of entitlement rising. Them: “Mommy, will you pick up the spoon I dropped?” Me: “NO! Don’t you know it hurts for me to bend!” Him: “Hey, hon. Are you going to the grocery store tonight?” Me: “Ugh…I guess.” I dreamed of a tropical vacation — by myself. Wait. Not by myself. With housekeeping and room service attendants. Instead I was given another reason to take my children to see their pediatrician. The nurses and I have had regular standing weekly appointments for years now. But as I awoke one morning, my husband was busy getting ready AND…