• Sometimes we need a little reminder to do nice things for our husbands. Sometimes those nice things can do something on the inside of us. Read the real reason why you should write a thank you letter to your spouse.
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    Why You Should Write a Thank You Letter to Your Spouse

    As the end of my sixth pregnancy grew near, I felt a sense of entitlement rising. Them: “Mommy, will you pick up the spoon I dropped?” Me: “NO! Don’t you know it hurts for me to bend!” Him: “Hey, hon. Are you going to the grocery store tonight?” Me: “Ugh…I guess.” I dreamed of a tropical vacation — by myself. Wait. Not by myself. With housekeeping and room service attendants. Instead I was given another reason to take my children to see their pediatrician. The nurses and I have had regular standing weekly appointments for years now. But as I awoke one morning, my husband was busy getting ready AND…

  • When you are married, date night doesn't have to be boring. Married couples should be having the most fun! Here's how!
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    10 Hacks to Put the Fun Back into Date Night This Weekend

    Dating in Marriage Isn’t the Same as Dating When You Aren’t Married I love my husband. We’ve been married since 2003. We go on dates, we laugh and have fun., but it’s not the same. It’s nice to get out of the house but dating just doesn’t have the allure that it once did. Am I alone? I doubt it. If so, praise the Lord! Things I need to be doing + Feeling that the date might be lackluster = Planning Dates Feels Like Chore I want to fix that. Scientifically, I’ve read that our bodies react to a new person in our lives (aka our relationship with our spouse pre-marriage)…

  • No one said marriage would be easy, but there are some key things that people that have been marriage for decades know. Here they are!
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    How to Stay in Love Forever and Ever

    Sometimes Google can shed light on the heartbeat of the population. Just start typing in words and viola! Suggestions start popping up. Sometimes those suggestions are obvious. Type in the words “how to…” during election season and “how to register to vote” will appear. Sometimes they are funny. When I type “why do…” the suggested response is “why do we yawn?” But sometimes those Google suggestions are startling and scary. Like when I type in the words “my marriage is…” dead killing me over falling apart We might not think that’s such a big deal until we start asking why is do those words not conjure up suggestions like: My marriage…

  • When you are struggling in your marriage, you might be tempted to say "I married the wrong person"...but here's why you have to stop that TODAY!
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    Why You Should Stop Saying You Married the Wrong Person

    “I married the wrong person.” It’s a common sentiment when a husband or wife finds themselves in an unhappy marriage. When a marriage gets difficult, we want to believe that we’ve made one huge mistake a looooong time ago rather than accept responsibility for the hundreds of small mistakes we’ve made and ARE still making every day. Everyone Always Thinks THEY Are the Exception to the Rule “But you don’t understand that…” “My situation is different because…” These are often the words that fall from the lips of those in a painful marriage. The truth is everyone always thinks THEY are the exception to the rule. Everyone. Why? Because it…