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How to Pray for Your Long Distance Boyfriend

Long distance is not easy.

If you’ve done it, you most likely never want to go back, and if you’re in the thick of it now you probably want nothing more than for it to be over.

It can be full of missed phone calls, misread texts, and bad communication. But it can also be full of strengthened communication, getting to know your partner spiritually instead of physically, and those long-awaited visits.

Nothing is more fun than visiting your significant other after weeks of missing them.

So when I entered into this season of my relationship, I decided that this would be a blessing instead of a hardship.

I set out on strengthening my own faith, as well as the shared faith of my boyfriend and I through this bout of distance.

Personally, my boyfriend and I have gone weeks without seeing each other, oftentimes days without speaking because of work. But we prayed for each other.

Here are five ways to pray for a long-distance relationship.

5 Ways to Pray for a Long-Distance Relationship

1. Pray for Healthy Communication

God is using this time in your relationship in a special way. By not being physically nearby you’re forced to communicate. You literally have no other choice if you want it to work.

God is forcing you to lean on verbal communication. Relationships hinge on communicating with your significant other.

There will be days where it might seem easier to ignore the phone call, give up on an argument, and close the Bible. But praying for the person on the other end is worth it, just as your relationship with God is worth it.

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This season of being apart is useful in developing healthy lines of communication.

2. Pray Specifically

Take this season of your relationship to pray with intention.

Approach each day, week, month, and year of long distance with a new specific area of focus.

Pray for more understanding when he goes out with friends or less jealousy depending on your specific situation.

Praying with specific intention doesn’t have to be an area that is lacking or that you’re struggling in, pray for the areas that you’re excelling in as well. Pray that it might continue and that you might keep improving.

3. Pray Generally

If the man your dating is meant to be your future husband, then you definitely want to be praying for him. You want to have an open line of communication with your Creator about the man you love.

While praying for him, praying for your relationship will come naturally.

Something often forgotten in a lot of posts similar to this one is to continue to pray for your future husband in case the one you are dating is not the one.

Here are some things to remember while praying:

  • Pray that he might grow closer to God and depend on Him while you’re apart.
  • Pray that he might become a spiritual leader in your relationship and within his own life.
  • Pray that he will love and respect you the way that you deserve.
  • Pray for him even when you don’t feel like praying at all.

4. Pray for Yourself

Take time to pray for yourself and learn more about your personal relationship with God.

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Pray for discernment to know the type of relationship you want with your significant other and with God.

Seek out Bible verses to keep handy for those tough moments… no matter how hard we try, they will happen.

Verses about jealousy, trust, anxiety, and others. These will save your relationship as you pray them over yourself.


5. Pray to be prepared

Finally, remember that the distance will end. You’ll get to live out the rest of your days with your best friend.

Pray that you are prepared for the transition so that it doesn’t damage your relationship.

What Are Some Other Prayers?

Are there any prayers you’ve felt led to pray for your long-distance boyfriend?

Write them down and start praying!


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