• Are you tempted to cheat? You are not alone. Read this to dig deeper into why you might feel like cheating on your spouse.
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    Are you tempted to cheat on your spouse?

    It wasn’t long after I got married that one of my friends got a divorce. I knew their marriage was in trouble…but divorce!? I was so confused. But then I heard the truth…she’d met another man. A “nice” man she worked with (who isn’t really nice if he stole another man’s wife). One who “listened” to her. She’d been tempted to cheat and succumbed to that temptation. I’m going to be honest. I judged her. Harshly. I would NEVER do that! It’s easy to judge someone when you are first married. Totally in love. Smitten. Hubby can do no wrong. But chances are, if you are reading this, you might…