• When you are married, date night doesn't have to be boring. Married couples should be having the most fun! Here's how!
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    10 Hacks to Put the Fun Back into Date Night This Weekend

    Dating in Marriage Isn’t the Same as Dating When You Aren’t Married I love my husband. We’ve been married since 2003. We go on dates, we laugh and have fun., but it’s not the same.┬áIt’s nice to get out of the house but dating just doesn’t have the allure that it once did. Am I alone? I doubt it. If so, praise the Lord! Things I need to be doing + Feeling that the date might be lackluster = Planning Dates Feels Like Chore I want to fix that. Scientifically, I’ve read that our bodies react to a new person in our lives (aka our relationship with our spouse pre-marriage)…