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Why My Husband Did NOT Uninstall Covenant Eyes Accountability Software

We were trying to cut corners in our budget.

Light bill. Gotta pay that one.

Mortgage. Yup.

We went through all the different items in our monthly spending that we could cut and found a few that were potentials:

We could easily go down to one streaming service. It was summer so could be restarted when homeschool started up again. Out of the group, Covenant Eyes was one that was hotly debated.

“Do you really need it?” I asked my husband. “It’s been years.” We are very open about his sexual struggles. I knew he hadn’t looked at porn for a very long time.

“It makes me feel better when it’s on. It reminds me that my actions online don’t just affect me, but you, our children and my relationship with God.”

What wife can argue with that?

At under $20 a month, having the security and accountability that Covenant Eyes offers is worth it to my husband.

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But the uninstalling Covenant Eyes debate didn’t stop there. When they changed formats from Internet Accountability (internet-based) to Screen Accountability (based on ANY device considering that most people use there phones so much), I was concerned about how that worked.

In 2018, Covenant Eyes made some major changes to their platform. Mainly, they went from internet-based to screen-based (because let’s face it, searching for porn on the internet isn’t the ONLY way to look at porn…there are apps, sexting, etc). We had concerns about personal privacy. A quick call to the Covenant Eyes specialist helped alleviate all the concerns.

There have been other times we’ve considered uninstalling Covenant Eyes, but every single time, my husband has told me that he wants to keep it because it’s worth the self-accountability to him.

For someone who is considering uninstalling Covenant Eyes, I would recommend calling Customer Support at 877.479.1119 before making that decision so you can be sure that your issues aren’t something that can be helped.

Out of all the services we’ve considered, Covenant Eyes is one of the most committed business to stopping the infiltration of porn into our home from a social and spiritual perspective.

And we LOVE LOVE LOVE all the free resources they have to offer that keep us on track with our marriage, creating that Fairytale Marriage we so desire.

Get 30 Days of Covenant Eyes Free

We also love that they are have a few different key elements like:


If/When inappropriate images are seen, the blurred screenshots are sent over HTTPS and stored using AES 256 bit encryption. You’ll never get an un-blurred screenshots…which is nice because I don’t want to see that stuff in my inbox EVEN if someone else is looking at it.


To overcome some of the privacy issues, screenshots are blurred to protect your personal information and only shared with your chosen allies to maintain privacy.

Holistic Approach

Screen Accountability isn’t just based on internet-searches like a lot of others companies are. They provide a comprehensive look at what you actually seeon your screens. If you see it, then we can capture it. That means apps, text messages, photos you’ve store on your phone.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you find you aren’t satisfied, you get a full refund.

Customer Support

The people on the phone really seem to care about your business and your well-being. They aren’t just an employee…they believe in the product they are selling. Call at 877.479.1119


Covenant Eyes is always offering new information, guides, ebooks and videos on how to conquer inappropriate content in your life. Click here to see all the ebooks they have to offer!

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