Sometimes we need a little reminder to do nice things for our husbands. Sometimes those nice things can do something on the inside of us. Read the real reason why you should write a thank you letter to your spouse.
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Why You Should Write a Thank You Letter to Your Spouse

As the end of my sixth pregnancy grew near, I felt a sense of entitlement rising.

Them: “Mommy, will you pick up the spoon I dropped?”
Me: “NO! Don’t you know it hurts for me to bend!”

Him: “Hey, hon. Are you going to the grocery store tonight?”
Me: “Ugh…I guess.”

I dreamed of a tropical vacation — by myself. Wait. Not by myself. With housekeeping and room service attendants.

Instead I was given another reason to take my children to see their pediatrician. The nurses and I have had regular standing weekly appointments for years now.

But as I awoke one morning, my husband was busy getting ready AND feeding children.

Him: “You can go back to sleep.”
Me: “No, I’m up. It’s okay.”

And I remembered that I have reasons to be thankful, especially to my husband.

Maybe you don’t have a husband that gets up with the children in order to make your life a little more bearable, but we all have reasons we can be thankful for our husbands!

Writing a Thank You Letter Reminds You of Your Husband’s Good Points

I challenge you to write a thank you letter to your husband not because he’s perfect. But rather to remind yourself of all the things he DOES do!

Some ideas to get you started are:

  • What is your favorite moment together?
  • What is something he does regularly that you take for granted?
  • How many hours does he work to bring in money for the family?
  • How many times has he gotten up to turn off the lights before bed?
  • Remember the last time he did something with the kids.
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Writing a Thank You Letter Pinpoints Areas of Unforgiveness

If you find yourself thinking nothing but negative thoughts towards him while writing a thank you letter, might I suggest you use recognize that those are areas you need to forgive? Work on forgiving him for his past mistakes (even if you know he’s going to make them again).

As you forgive, you’ll find it easier to write a thank you letter.

The Bible says that if we don’t forgive others, the Father in Heaven will not forgive us. And if your honest, you know we all need a LOT of forgiveness ourselves!

Writing a Thank You Letter Inspires Your Husband to be Thankful for You

There is nothing like being complimented for your efforts to make a person feel like reciprocating the sentiment.

When you say ‘thank you’ to a person, they will naturally feel affection towards the person who is showing gratitude. In turn, this will inspire thankfulness towards all that you do as a wife.

My Thank You Letter to My Husband

Below I’ve shared mine so you can see what I wrote:

Dear Husband,

Thank you.

Thank you for going to work everyday, even though you’d rather not.

Thank you for letting me sleep when you could have yelled for me that you were busy getting ready for work. Thank you for dealing sweetly with the children when you could be grumpy and resentful that I am pregnant and resting.

Thank you for spending time ordering parts for the car and fixing it yourself so we can save money.

Thank for you going into work late so I can take only the necessary children to the doctor’s office. When I’m sitting in that small office with just one child instead of five, I am grateful.

When you make my coffee, I feel loved. Thank you.

Thank you for bike riding with the kids on Saturday evenings and driving us to church on Sunday mornings. You are a great leader, even if you don’t feel like one.

When I’m acting crazy (which is more often than not lately) and come back to apologize (once I remember I shouldn’t act that way), you empathize with my pain instead of criticize my actions. Thank you for loving me like Christ.

I know you will say that you aren’t perfect, not a great husband or father or even a faithful Christian.  I know that, but I just wanted to know that I am blessed to be called your wife. I am undeterred by your imperfections, but rather inspired by your continued affection towards me.

Thank you, husband, for each little step up a giant mountain.

Your Wife

Sometimes we need a little reminder to do nice things for our husbands. Sometimes those nice things can do something on the inside of us. Read the real reason why you should write a thank you letter to your spouse.

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